Sun Life Vietnam has officially received the “Top  10 most reputable Life Insurance Award- Vietnam 2019”.

It is a great honor and privilege that Sun Life Vietnam achieved “Top 10 Life Insurance reputation Award – Vietnam 2019” for the first time. The event was held at Intercontinental Hanoi Hotel on August 8, 2019 by Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company (Vietnam Report).

Sun Life Vietnam is ranked and evaluated by the Organization Board as prestigious experts based on three main criteria: Financial capacity and efficiency shown on the most recent audited financial statement; Media reputation  evaluated by Media Coding method – encoding articles about insurance companies on influential media channels; And surveying about the level of awareness as well as customer satisfaction with insurance products and services.

We are really proud of the Sun Life which brings the best and most professional products and services to Clients. Honoring the Top 10 most prestigious insurance companies in Vietnam is not only the evidence to the growing of Sun Life brand awarness but also showing that the Sun Life brand has been recognized and encouraged from Clients, community and management offices.

With these recognition and awards, we believe that Sun Life Vietnam to connect and inspire millions of customers for a brighter future. After some years operating in Vietnam, Sun Life has made strong progress and named itself as one of the most prestigious life insurance in Vietnam.

Let’s celebrate this sigfinicant event together and continue to build the Sun Life Vietnam to the next level!