Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy – SMPAA proudly presents Vocal Recital 2019 – “Chuyen Anh, Chuyen Toi, Chuyen Dat Troi”, a part of the “Music In The Dark” series.


“Music In The Dark” is a concert series held in total darkness so the audience can focus on the sound without any distractions. The performance venue will be completely dark throughout the entire concert on June 28.


SMPAA music students and teachers will be performing Vietnamese music in this deeply affecting setting. The event will provide a variety of vocal performances including story-telling. Music and the spoken word in total darkness. A unique artistic event not to be missed.


All the proceeds from tickets sold for the concert on June 28 will be used to support a free performance for the blind the night before.


Tickets are on sale at:

*Age limit – 10 years and above only.


Time : 7:00pm, Friday 28/6/2019.

Venue : Soul Live Project Complex, 214 Pasteur, D.3, HCMC

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