Introducing our programme “A Creative Summer” – offered to you for the first time in Vietnam, by Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy – a member of En Pointe Management Corporation. The three-week programme will provide students with fun activities and memorable experiences through music and performing arts. The programme is geared to promote and support the development of key skills, including: English, Creativity, Critical thinking, Communication, Connectivity and Confidence. A special discount of 10% is applicable to all members of CanCham.


  1. Dive into Sing & Dance
  • Experience the diverse dance courses: Hip-Hop, Modern Jazz, Dance Fitness
  • Access different genres of music: Classical, Jazz, Rock & Pop and explore your talents through instrumental classes, vocal skills, musicianship and composition
  1. Explore Culture
  • Ho Chi Minh City Opera House and Cho Lon Theater will be two interesting destinations on the itinerary
  • Meet local experienced artists / directors and gain more knowledge about the culture and history of Vietnam
  1. Find a creative me
  • Be creative & express yourselves on a professional stage with the international artists.
  • Discover your creative self!



 Professionals from Curtis Institute of Music, one of the leading music & performing arts institute in the world that has produced many notable musician, including Leonard Bernstein, conductor Jaime Laredo, violinist Jascha Brodsky and pianist Lang Lang.

 Alexander Tú

An International Dancer/Choreographer, Director of Performing Arts at SMPAA, Top 3 America’s Best Dance Crew season 1, Doctor of Occupational Therapy


An International Artist/Song-writer, Founder of SMPAA, Eisenhower Fellowship

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