It’s a fact, fantasy and intuition are primary characteristics in our children’s realities.  Their active imagination is integrated into all their daily activities.

No matter how a child evolves, they always retain their own perceptions.  That is precisely the place where imagination grabs them and guides them through a myriad of personal experiences.

The annual Smile Art Contest is once again being organized by Westcoast International Dental Clinic (WIC), specifically to support and encourage the participants (and families) growth – development.

The premise and purpose of the event is to protect your oral health and provide the contestants with the opportunity to have fun, using cartoon characters as a median.  This effectively allows them to learn new skills, which stimulates their mental development and creativity.

The Prizes – You can win

–              1st prize:  1 Gamepad Xbox one S 1TB

–              2nd prize:  1 Google home assistant (smart speaker)

–              3rd prize:  1 Bicycle

–              4th prize:  1 Roller skates (Flying Eagle)

–              5th prize:  1 Crayola Inspiration Art Case

–              Talent prize:  10 dental care vouchers from WIC valued 1,000,000 VND.

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