The Australian Business Awards 2018 Ceremony & Gala Dinner will be held on Friday, 23 March at the Park Hyatt Saigon.

Registrations and full details on the Awards

The Australian Business Awards 2018 are an opportunity to recognise Australian connected businesses and individuals operating in Vietnam at the highest level.

In total five awards will be presented from the following categories (to view the list of finalists, click here):

  1. The Award for Sustainability
    Recognising organisations engaged in programs or endeavours aimed at sustainability in their workplace or the environment, and for the benefit of future generations.
  2. The Award for Innovation
    Recognising organisations that implement business initiatives, demonstrating innovative solutions for new or existing business needs that enable the organisation to gain a competitive edge in their field.
  3. The Award for Alumni in Business
    A graduate of an Australian University who has established or contributed to a successful business presence in Vietnam, showing qualities of entrepreneurism and professionalism in their chosen sector.
  4. The Award for Community
    Recognising organisations contributing to and giving back to the community in Vietnam, including initiatives to improve lives and futures.
  5. The Award for Business Excellence
    Recognising organisations that are widely regarded has having excelled in their field and are recognised as true leaders at the forefront of their industry.