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Composting for the Sustainable Classroom

A new feature of our initiative is an app dubbed Compost Observational and Numerical Record– or CONR, in short. This is an app-in-progress which will be used to record data on the compost bins such as temperature and humidity.

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Note from the EcoSSIStem team:

At our website, you can explore and learn about not only our compost initiative, but many other impactful initiatives conducted by fellow environmental clubs. Although it has yet to really take off, it already contains lots of great material for reference, not to mention plenty of documentation of our journey to where we are today. The step-by-step guide to our composting project is very handy information for those who would like to try a hand at composting themselves, whether individually or as a community. To make this info acessible to many others, we are working to have a Vietnamese translation available.
The website also includes our facebook page, so don’t hesitate to press the like button!
The EcoSSIStem team