Get Green Competition

Welcome to CanCham’s Get Green Competition! 

The Get Green Competition is a competition for student teams of 3-6 members proposing a sustainability initiative for their school or local community. Proposed initiatives can be as simple as fixing leaking taps to conserve water or as complicated as converting a building to solar energy; however, the most important aspect of a Get Green Competition initiative is its viability – more complicated doesn’t necessarily mean more effective. Canada Green Day and the Get Green Competition aim to inspire grassroots changes in our local communities to begin making those communities more green and sustainable.

Please see the Get Green Competition outline below:

Please note deadlines to register and to submit proposals.

1st Annual Get Green Competition winners:

The Light of Knowledge    EcoSSIStem

If you have any questions, would like to register, or would like to support the Get Green Competition, please contact Ryan at

See you on May 19th at Canada Green Day!