School expeditions are designed to build confidence and independence, broaden students’ perspective and expose them to different cultures, people and ideas. Experts agree that inspirational learning sometimes requires time spent outside the classroom. Through our comprehensive expedition programme here at the British International School, Ho Chi Minh City, we offer unique experiences and activities that reach far beyond everyday learning.

In Term 2 students from Year 3 to Year 13 embarked on expeditions that took them on adventures around the world. These year group expeditions have been specifically designed to provide continuity with classroom learning. Each one is carefully planned to provide a range of age-appropriate but challenging opportunities for the development of personal qualities such as leadership, independence, collaboration and some physical endeavour. Importantly, our expeditions are also designed to encourage respect for different cultures through service-learning and activities.

Year 3 – Sleepover

A night spent sleeping in the school sports hall is a soft introduction to the concept of sleeping away from parents and is the first step in the preparation process for future school expeditions as they move through the school.

Year 4 – Long Hai

3 days and 2 nights exploring the beachside town of Long Hai. The aim of the expedition was to build independence, confidence, friendships and of course, have fun!

 Year 5 – Mekong

An action-packed adventure in the Mekong that included an introduction to rural living. BIS children were able to get involved in planting and harvesting using local techniques and tools. They demonstrated a fantastic attitude by involving themselves in the activities and showing a greater appreciation of the lives of other people.

Year 6 – Cat Tien National Park

In addition to a number of challenging outdoor activities such as trekking and kayaking, our Year 6 children also visited their community partner ‘EAST’. They took part in important surveys of the local gibbon population, helped to paint one of the facility buildings and met the local Chau Ma people.

Year 7 – Madagui

This activity-filled expedition to the beautiful Forest City resort of Madagui proved the perfect opportunity for Year 7 to solidify friendships in their first year of secondary school. It was with great excitement that our students experienced personal challenge, adventure, team building, exploration and fun.

Year 8 – Dalat

Students took part in a range of physical, creative and thrilling activities throughout the scenic hillsides and forests overlooking Dalat. The students on this expedition got to challenge themselves and build incredible team spirit and friendships. BIS students were also joined by one of our community service partners from the Hearing Impaired School to engage in some of the team building experiences.


Year 10 – Cambodia, Con Dao, Dalat, Switzerland

In Year 10 students are able to choose an expedition that is both focused on their interests and personally challenging. In Cambodia, students joined a village community, engaging in service projects based on the needs of the local people. In Con Dao, students had the chance to engage in conservation projects through the island’s turtle sanctuary, learning about the environmental importance of coral reefs and mangroves.

 In Dalat, students were able to challenge themselves physically. Trekking, kayaking and canyoning were all on offer, with the week finishing in a 70km cycle from the hills of Dalat to the sand dunes of Mui Ne, a truly breathtaking journey.

For the first time, we also offered a unique Snowsports expedition through our NAE expeditions team. BIS students made the long journey to the Swiss Alps to engage in an unforgettable experience, which for many was the first time they’d ever seen snow!


Year 12 – Kon Tum, Philippines, Chiang Rai, Tu Lan Caves, Bidoup

Our Year 12 students are able to choose from 5 expedition options of varying length to suit their CAS experience development, in line with their IB Diploma programme. Kon Tum was a service and adventure expedition which engaged students with two days of visits to four different orphanages playing games with the local children.

A team of students flew off to the Philippines and returned as qualified divers, either PADI Open Water or Advanced Open Water.  They also returned with an increased awareness of the issues relating to marine debris through Project Aware.

In Chiang Rai, students visited minority villages and several social enterprise projects to learn about and generate questions relating to the complex interrelationships between global issues and their local impacts.

Tu Lan Caving saw students head to the world’s largest cave system for a unique experience trekking and camping in one of the most stunning places in Vietnam.

Students undertaking the International Award in Bidoup took part in their Final Expedition, which saw them planning their own route, cooking their own food, and finding their own beds for the night! An action-packed experience forming part of their overall qualification alongside their in-school projects.

Whatever your child’s passion; whether skiing through the Swiss Alps, discovering new marine life in The Philippines, cycling in the Mekong or teaching English to children in Kon Tum, there’s no doubt that our residential expeditions provide your child with positive opportunities and unforgettable experiences.

You want the best for your child, so do we: