With a team just 10 people and more than 300 unstoppable hours of work in only 1 month, F’enhance Workspace – the first workspace for community of worldwide entrepreneurs has launched in Ho Chi Minh City.

Untold story

Back in 2017, they opened the first workspace in Binh Thanh District. The first space had 6 floors and didn’t have an elevator. It took over 3 months to occupy because nobody wanted to start a business on the upper levels which would require staff and clients to walk up several flights of stairs.

“However, we believe that valuable lessons can be only learnt in pain. With our super team, we overcame this tough time quickly. We changed. Then the second space at 1,000 square meters has officially launched on this March.”, Ms. Van Anh, Founder of F’enhance Workspace said.

With a small team, they made it happen.


At F’enhance, founders easily cooperate around the world to achieve the biggest things. This workspace is disrupting all the traditional work habits and help leaders access to the future of work.

They offer not only a shared space to work. With philosophy “Together we grow”, they aim to create a world where there is no boundary and people grow in work as well as life. So, in a way that helped them to standout in co-working spaces market.


Community of worldwide entrepreneurs

F’enhance is created for community of worldwide entrepreneurs. “We believe in bring communities together and build a strong ecosystem where partners can support each others and expand their companies.”, Mr. Nolan Brian Clack, General Manager of F’enhance Workspace said.

Entrepreneurs with various backgrounds gathered at “A night of entrepreneurs” event


In addition to designing own spaces, they organize events and support organizations that engage with their vision. They helps to connect the leaders to their teams, clients to customers, partners to partners and start-ups to investors. They hope to bring clients more knowledge and wise advice from experts, full solutions for levelling up their business, or simply a chance to grab a cold drink after a hard working day.

Mr. Paul Espinas, Founder of UpupApp shared his inspirational entrepreneur’s story.


In particular, F’enhance members can enjoy a range of business solutions thanks to partnership network as Cancham Vietnam, Upup App, Wisepass, Sip App, CityGuide, Cask Academy, Mentor Club, etc. Their 360-degree back office (360 degree business solutions) will support you while you focus on changing the world.

Mr. Nolan: “Right now we are just focused on doing our best. We see every clients as partners so we never stop improving our services. If we bring value, then the opportunities will find us.”


85% occupancy in few weeks


Fortunately, their changing worked out and marked the beginning of their subsequent growth. There’s also a number of multinational companies that have just set up in Vietnam and have chosen to base themselves at F’enhance Workspace.

Reception service is always ready to serve.


They have created their own unique business model as well as become more flexible. They provide tons of benefits for entrepreneurs coming from various backgrounds such as satellite and established teams; startups and small agencies; freelancers and part-time workers.

Firstly, they offer private studios to accommodate teams of any size. All studios are fully furnished and include air conditioning, personal desks, chairs, and lockers.

Private offices are fully furnished but also customizable to fit your unique corporate culture.


Secondly, starting from 150.000 VND per day, flexible desks seem to be a good choice for freelancers. You just need to bring your laptop, pick an open seat, and get things done. Moreover, you own your desk in a shared space in the same spot every day if you book dedicated desks.

Leafy-green open space enriched with plants can boost productivity by 15%.


Last but not least, you can sit on the chairs, on the ground or even lie down as long as you love. Their offices are able to be customizable to fit your needs and unique coporate culture.


F’enhance is a global network of workspaces where people can access to community of worldwide entrepreneurs to enhance their companies together. Beyond the workplaces, They convert the spaces into dynamic, wow-experienced environments with a professional business style.

They believe it’s a great way to help founders propel their business, and even help each other. They all can look forward to another working day if they can meet business people who share similar life values.