From​ the​ 16th​ to ​the ​18​th​ ​of ​March, 2018, the Canadian International School of Vietnam hosted the annual Global Issues Network (GIN) Saigon Conference at the school’s campus in district 7.

​Our theme for this year conference​​ was​ “Envisioning Arcadia”. It represents the vision of a perfect world ​where there is little to no problems, and where everyone lives in harmony. The conference attracted 3​50 students and teachers from 16 international schools around Ho Chi Minh city, and Vientiane, Laos. Participants were divided into 17 groups called GANGs (Global Action Network Groups), corresponding to 17 chosen global issues that are happening in our world. Throughout the three days, students had the opportunity to learn, discuss, and take actions about their chosen global issue. Students also participated in workshops, listened to keynote speakers and GIN Talks, and experienced real life challenges in ​a simulation .

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