CanCham - Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam

2016 Cancer Research Funding Project Announcement

After more than two years of collaborative project development, we wish to announce an agreement for funding of a major initiative with the University of Medicine and Pharmacology (UMP) in HCMC and the University of British Columbia (UBC) Medical in paediatric oncology, with support from the Terry Fox Run Vietnam and sanctioned by the Terry Fox Research Institute (TFRI).

The state of paediatric oncology in Vietnam is basic and suffers from a combination of factors: mostly regarding limited resources – both human, organizational, education & training, and equipment. In 2015, UMP together with Dr. Huyen Hanh from UBC Medical and Mr. Antony Nezic, CanCham President began to develop the concept of a training for research programme that would support the sustainable development of basic paediatric oncology in Vietnam. The first stage of this programme will be a project to support a comprehensive two year paediatric oncology clinical Fellowship for a leading resident from HCMC Children’s Hospital Number 2. The Fellowship will be enhanced with training programmes in pathology as well as a documentation activity to ensure that the programme is documented for the purpose of learning and sharing the lessons learned and processes, as well as future programme development. There is the potential for expanding the programme from one to as many as four Fellows over the next 5 years. CanCham and the Terry Fox Run Vietnam are very excited to be a part in this crucial programme to begin to create the necessary conditions for developing world class capacity and abilities in the area of paediatric oncology.

The programme results will include:

  • Developing a complete and effective pediatric oncology curriculum which builds up a standard and consensus in treatment for pediatric oncology among generations of physicians at nation-wide hospitals.
  • Providing medical education and support in improving protocol for pediatric oncology at nation-wide hospitals.
  • Participating in research to improve treatment in pediatric oncology in Vietnam
  • Recruitment of the next fellows and supporting quality improvement of the programme.

Update on the Terry Fox Run Vietnam second project in oral cancer research with the Oncology Hospital and the University of Medicine and Pharmacology (UMP) HCMC

Judith Fox and Antony Nezic visited with the project team leaders to receive a report on the status of the Oral Cancer research project. Of the three locations to be researched, two of the locations to be researched have been completed to date. Findings are intended to be reported in a research document by 2017. Practitioners have been trained, as well, on early identification of oral cancer through the project.