CanCham - Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam

CanCham is a voluntary business association dedicated to assisting companies and individuals doing business in Vietnam. Our aim is to provide our members with business support, education, and a social environment for the purpose of exchanging ideas, sharing expertise among members, and building on experiences. By encouraging collaboration and cooperation between businesses, government, residents and other stakeholders, we help create a synergistic environment in which we all thrive. In addition, CanCham takes pride in contributing to the improvement of the social life in Vietnam by donating all excess funds received to a number of different charitable organizations in Vietnam.

CanCham is a non-profit organization whose mission is to strengthen business and community relations for its members. With its origin dating back to 1994, CanCham has become one of the most active and dynamic business organizations in Vietnam, coordinating a broad array of social and business events that reach out to the entire population – from local business leaders to new entrepreneurs. With a presence in both Ho Chi Minh City and in Hanoi, CanCham is also a venue for young, open-minded Vietnamese business people who want to expand their network and access the Canadian and the international business community.

Strengthening and enhancing business relations is a key objective for CanCham, which includes organizing events for members as one of the avenues we use to accomplish this. CanCham is well known for holding business breakfasts and luncheons featuring topics of significance that make an impact on how business is conducted in both the Canadian and international business community here in Vietnam. For example, our renowned annual “Crystal Ball” luncheon - “The Year Ahead: Executive Summary and Outlook”, which has been held for eight years in HCMC and is typically the first international business luncheon of the new year, is one of the most anticipated events each year and regularly sells out with 200 participants. This event, which features five or six well known CEO level speakers from various industries, was also successfully launched in Hanoi earlier this year. CanCham is an Associate Member of the Vietnam Business Forum (VBF), which allows members to participate in Working Groups for various industries that communicate on behalf of the business community with the government of Vietnam about doing business. The chamber is also a member of the Advisory Council on Administrative Procedure Reform, a participant in the Anti-Corruption Dialogue and is a Honourary Member of the Canada-ASEAN Business Council (CABC), which is a cooperative of Canadian companies and Canadian chambers that operates to enhance Canadian interests in Vietnam and the region.